Bow down to our Kaiju-kid overlords

My trolls are making me tired so I’ve closed comments for now.

I actually did this a week ago, after I deleted most of the brawl on the Tomorrow People post because it was getting into territory that was both morally and legally murky. Plus the pseudoscience was causing me pain.

I left the first few comments, because that’s the kind of quality nonsense that makes life worth living.

Not really, but they weren’t abusive, so I left them.

Plus, when the radioactive children of California rise up and destroy us all, we can look back at that post and those comments with regret and remorse that we didn’t act to save humanity from our Kaiju-kid overlords when we had the chance.

The first time you hear Blitzer refer to these mutant children as “Kaiju-kids” you just remember that you heard it from me first!

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