The Tomorrow People

250px-The_tomorrow_people I’m amused by all of the reviews of the CW’s reboot of the 1970s ITV series The Tomorrow People that ho-hum the new show for copycatting all the other human-mutant shows of the last decade.

I’m super-excited by this reboot. In the early 80s Nickolodeon ran the original 1973-79 series endlessly. I loved this show in all sort-of-awful glory. Loved.

The new show does, from the previews I’ve seen, appear to rip off the slow-mo bullet-dodging FX of the Matrix and it’s kin.

To be fair, the original show was actually slow-mo, too. The show itself, not the effects. Mostly because there weren’t a whole lot of effects. But the plot, the pacing, and the dialogue? Super-slow-mo, baby.

And yet, I loved it. Have I mentioned that?

Here’s a Tomorrow People wiki that seems to have a fair amount of information.

Holy shit, did you know there were 16 seasons of the original show? Sixteen. 1973-2006, with some gaps, of course. I wonder if anything ever happened, plotwise?

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  • Maureen

    This program may be closer to the truth than we realize. The intense radiation bombarding the west coast is mutating america’s children at a rate science doesn’t want us to know about.

    Personally, I teamed up with the internationally recognized expert Dr. Edward Group to create what is now the only form of nascent iodine I use — the Infowars Life Survival Shield nascent iodine product. A form of iodine that doctors have been utilizing for years since we have seen the incremental and intentional removal of iodine from the food supply at large.

    It is essential to spread the word on the devastating depth of Fukushima before we see even higher levels of radiation enter the biosphere through the mismanagement and downright blackout surrounding the entire event on behalf of the government.

    • meanlouise

      Ummm. What? You lost me.

      Is this some sort of CW fandom tie-in? I don’t actually engage the fandom when I can avoid it, it’s just not my thing, so maybe this isn’t the place for this comment…

      Unless you aren’t kidding…

  • Anthony Guicciardi

    Only families who take evasive action and proactively protect their families will survive the effects of the Fukushima meltdown. Boycott ocean fish. Use natural anti-radiation products. The mutations we’re seeing in children in California are not beneficial, they will lead to weakness, autism, and a disadvantage on the world stage.

  • meanlouise

    [If you’re looking for your comments about the New Word Order, the shilling for Great Lakes farm raised fish, or, um, anything else, they’ve been removed]