Raging Grannies on Net Neutrality

April 19, 2008

The [tag]Raging Grannies[/tag] made a guest appearance outside the latest Net Neutrality Hearings.

Who doesn’t love the Raging Grannies? Aside from a few [tag]FCC[/tag] Commissioners. And the California National Guard. This is old news, but it still makes me shake my head in wonder:

In May 2005, a California group called the Raging Grannies ran afoul of military spies when it helped organize a peaceful Mother’s Day demonstration to protest the war in Iraq. Unbeknownst to them, their action was brought to the attention of a new intelligence unit at the California National Guard — a program that went by the cumbersome title of Information Synchronization, Knowledge Management, and Intelligence Fusion. According to internal e-mails, the Guard forwarded information about the protest “to our Intell folks who continue to monitor.”

Asked why the Guard was spying on the Grannies, a spokesman suggested that terrorists might try to take advantage of the activists. “Who knows who could infiltrate that type of group and try to stir something up?” Lt. Col. Stan Zezotarski told reporters. “After all, we live in an age of terrorism, so who knows?”

But I digress….

You should read up about [tag]Net Neutrality[/tag] at Save the Internet. They’ve got a frequently updated blog, information on how to take action or get more involved in the cause, and video and written transcripts of hearings and events like the one that just took place our at Stanford.

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April 22, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

Just imagine the rampant benefits that would be derived from Ben & Jerry’s creating “Intelligence Fusion” flavor ice cream. Or you could have a Starbucks Organic Sumatra-Peru Blend latte grande infused with intelligence. After completing your frequent bean card you’d be smart enough to realize you pay more for coffee than gas and you’d stop going patronizing the ubiquitous caffeine peddlers…..maybe that’s why they don’t do it….