Batty meme'd me

Jen tagged [tag]Batgrl[/tag] for the [tag]123 meme[/tag] and Batty tagged me. When I’m done, I might tag you, so pay attention.

The 123 Rules:
1) Pick up the book nearest you with at least 123 pages. (No cheating!)
2) Turn to page 123.
3) Count the first five sentences.
4) Post the next three sentences.
5) Tag five other bloggers.

Here goes:

[tag]Neal Stephenson[/tag], [tag]Zodiac[/tag]

I had an idea already: 1,4-diamino butane; a.k.a., putrescine – the distinctive chemical scent given off my decaying corpses. I could whip up a batch and carry it with me. That would give anyone second thoughts.

JunglePete needs a copy of this book, although I worry it might give him ideas. So as not to digress, I’ll sing praises to Zodiac tomorrow on my bookblog.

In the meantime, I need to tag five bloggers. Hmmmm.
1) [tag]Cyd[/tag] (a Raveler. Her first meme!)
2) [tag]MizShoes[/tag] (a Raveler, a blog365 member, and one of my oldest link swappers! Er, in blog years, not our age).
3) [tag]Stereotypical Single Woman[/tag] (blog365)
4) [tag]Rae[/tag] (blog365)
5) [tag]Burt Reynolds’ Mustache[/tag] (hilarious)

There you go. I probably destroyed all order in the universe by giving in to a meme, the first in 8 years of blogging, unless I’ve repressed doing one somewhere along the line. I’m not anti-meme. Honestly, I just usually forget I’ve been tagged for ages because I’m an airhead.

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  • thanks a lot. and hey! I joined Blog 365, too.

  • rebecca

    I meant to note that. I was trying to pick mostly blogs off the 365 project to get out of the same old gene pool, and there you were :-) I forgot to note that!

  • Mean Louise is wrong. I’m probably the oldest link swapper in years, too. Especially since my last job aged me in dog years.

  • What? Did I hear my name? I was busy making soap from liposuctioned ass fat.

  • I was very bad and was sucked into the meme pool. But it was book related and lured me in with its literary wiles.