speak now or forever hold your peace (until the next time I ask)

I’ve scrubbed the site down to the very basic template and checked and double-checked all of the code. The page seems to load quickly (except for Sean) and the comments are working flawlessly. If you’re encountering any problems viewing the site or posted images peak up now. And be sure to let me know what browser you’re using and all that jazz.

Oh yeah, and if you’ve encountered any networks where the site is blocked due to questionable or offensive content (looking at you, Office Depot) let me know that too, I find it amusing.

Leave a comment (ideally) or email me at meanlouiseatgmaildotcom and I’ll get back to you.

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  • It all works perfectly fine for me. Comments, page loading, pictures, and all. At home, at work, and even at the blackberry!

    {but I do miss the stars}

  • rebecca

    Excellent. Thanks!

  • EvilAgent

    “peak up now” indeed…how does one “peak” exactly, w/out risking a hernia…or perhaps you meant “peek”, but I really rather thought you’d moved away from that sort of TM/ESP-type communication…

  • rebecca

    I was going to fix that typo, but now I’m going to leave it :-)