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birthdays & blog themes & bourbon

by meanlouise March 9, 2014 true life 2014

I don’t know the original source of the image or any of the important things one should know before posting an image publicly, so I’ll take all blame for sharing it here. My pal Sal made me this hilarious rendition of the party he’d throw me if he could invite monkeys, manatees, and gators to […]

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Tag, you’re it! (Also: shut the fuck up about the royal baby)

by meanlouise July 22, 2013 true life 2013

I wanted to do a flashy redesign but then I went down a rabbithole while cleaning up the tagging system that had gotten a bit out of control. While cleaning up the tags I’ve fixed loads of broken code, broken links, missing images, and all those other things no one likes to keep an eye […]

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new template. again.

by meanlouise April 25, 2011 updates (site)

Patience, my pets, while I try out a new template. Nothing is were I left it and the whole process makes me a bit irritable these days because my PHP skills are, um, lacking, so everything takes ten times longer than the bad old days of plain vanilla HTML tweeking. There probably wasn’t anything wrong […]

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I found 2002!

by meanlouise October 2, 2009 updates (site)

A mathematician, a physicist and a squirrel walk into a bar… I’ll restore the rest of the archives from 2002 after I figure out for sure if mom and I are going on a roadtrip to my uncle’s funeral and what my life looks like for the next few days.

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Everything I do, I do for JunglePete*

by meanlouise April 1, 2009 updates (site)

You should now be able to subscribe to follow-up comments via email. I know, how very 2002 of me. I’ve been meaning to fix that for a while now (probably since 2002), you can thank JunglePete for encouraging me to fix this feature. Also, go read his post, “Living Without Aigrettes” and look at the […]

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Our Wedding

by meanlouise July 31, 2008 updates (site)

I finally reposted our original wedding announcement, which I found on an old hard-drive this morning. Maybe I really will get all of the old archives restored and posted on one website, after all! (Don’t hold your breath).

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mailing lists merged

by meanlouise May 3, 2008 updates (site)

We merged all our music and art mailing lists into one newsletter. If you got the new issue, you’re on it. If you didn’t and you want to be you can sign up. Get all your MeanLouise Music news, FishInnards Recording Studios dispatches, and other ephemeral yet intellectually and emotionally edifying information all in one […]

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Washington Post Express?

by meanlouise January 30, 2008 updates (site)

I was apparently quoted at least once more in January in the Washington Post Express. If anyone knows which days or which posts they quoted, would you let me know? Thanks!

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one thing leads to another

by meanlouise January 13, 2008 updates (site)

I swear that title is an unintentional bit of 80’s lyrics hilarity. Seems appropriate though, since I’ve been amusing myself tweaking various [tag]wordpress[/tag] error messages to display U2 or Talking Heads lyrics. Why have I been doing this? I’m glad you asked. This whole redesign started because I wanted to add a wordpress plug-in, a […]

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by meanlouise December 1, 2007 updates (site)

Alas, it’s over, but it was fun:

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