flying snakes, math in the movies

now…some geekiness.

First up: flying snakes. “Flying snakes slither through the air: Fancy moves propel Singapore serpent’s acrobatics.” Ick. I find the idea of flying snakes too upsetting for words.

The sneaky bastards even have their own homepage,

I bet there’s secret flying snake research happening at the Pentagon even as we speak.

Here’s where flying snakes live in the wild, in case you want to get them something nice for Christmas.

Next, a couple of really geeky sites that always amuse me:

Math in the movies is a guide to, well, math in the movies. It’s more fun than it sounds. I do have to say, however, that I tried to watch a bit of Bedazzled on HBO once and it hurt pretty badly. Consequently, I have my doubts about whether it contains mathematical in-jokes, as this letter to the editor suggests.

Insultingly stupid movie physics is also quite amusing. To those of us who don’t get out enough, anyway.

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