Robert Smith's cover of "Very Good Advice" for the new Alice in Wonderland: terrible, or just plain awful? Discuss.

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  • Evil Agent

    I’ll take “just plain awful” for $500, Alex.

  • Tracy

    I think perhaps if I was under the influence of some hefty narcotics this would be right up my alley. Otherwise – um, ew? I had high hopes & was excited about the idea of Tim Burton tackling the Alice In Wonderland story but the more I see of it the less enthused I become. I’m hoping I’m wrong but this song seems to prove my theory that 90% of this production was created in a computer and it shows in a not nice way. Now – Terry Gilliam could have done this flick for about $100million more with the same look & feel w/ custom costumes and makeup, never a glance towards CGI.

    • rebecca

      I hate this song more every time I hear it. lol.