Hallelujua, It's Raining Moose!

I feel bad for both the driver and the moose, but I’d be lying if I said my first thought when I saw the headline about a moose dropping out of the sky onto a car wasn’t relief because it wasn’t me.

The moose that “fell from the sky” Tuesday, in an observer’s words, landed on its head and quickly died.

The yearling bull nearly took a man with him after it fell from the Interstate 95 overpass onto Hinckley Road.

Shirley Bailey, assistant town clerk, got the frantic call shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday. The caller was driving along the road when he saw the moose fall.

Bailey recalled his comments: “‘I was driving under the bridge on Hinckley Road and a moose fell from the sky.'”

The man was “a little shook up,” said Bailey, who quickly notified Police Chief Charles Runnels. “It was quite frightening, I guess.”

“It was quite frightening, I guess.” Has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious sentences. Later in the article, someone named Reynold (who I suspect is a typo referring to Chief Runnels) also states, “Such accidents are not as uncommon as people might think.” Moose collisions, perhaps, but airborne moose collisions? Airborne moose collisions are not as uncommon as people might think?

Upon further reflection, I’ve never considered the possibility of an airborne moose collision or a plague of moose falling from the sky, so even one case would make this type of accident more common than I ever suspected. Chief Runnels/Reynolds, I stand corrected.

(you may make your own Bullwinkle jokes in the comments)

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