and not a moment too soon

May 5, 2003

I’ve turned in the grades for all of my classes. I’m pleased with myself at a level that is all out of proportion with the accomplishment, but right now I couldn’t care less.

Dr. Noodles leaves tomorrow for 10 days. I’ve been telling some people he’s going on his yearly LSD binge and others that he’s going to take refresher courses at clown college. I’m waiting to see how long it takes the stories to merge and mutate.

We spent our lunch hour today discussing the history of the pogo stick and pondering the case of the man who recently got a 30 year sentence for killing someone with a pogo stick. Then we made duck noises for a while. It’s really hard to tell which of us is the most burned out right about now. We’ve also been playing with the glowing blue ball that Batty sent us.

And we wonder why they’ve moved our office so far away from the rest of the world?

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