It's true, not all Southerners are closed-minded bigots


How can I ever thank all of you who went to see it? These records are mind-blowing. They have sent shock waves through Hollywood – and, more importantly, through the White House.

But it didn’t just stop there. The response to the movie then went into the Twilight Zone. Surfing through the dial I landed on the Fox broadcasting network which was airing the NASCAR race live last Sunday to an audience of millions of Americans — and suddenly the announcers were talking about how NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took his crew to see ìFahrenheit 9/11î the night before. FOX sportscaster Chris Myers delivered Earnhardtís review straight out of his mouth and into the heartland of America: ìHe said hey, it’ll be a good bonding experience no matter what your political belief. It’s a good thing as an American to go see. Whoa! NASCAR fans! you canít go deeper into George Bush territory than that! White House moving vans – START YOUR ENGINES!

Last night I had an exciting stack of documentaries to catch up on. In my netflix frenzy, however, I’d made an error. I was, for reasons I can’t explain, thinking Underworld was an indie doc about sweatshops. Boy, was I wrong. It’s a really cool movie about a war between vampires and werewolves. Great story, superb action, , beautiful cinematography and tons of clever plot twists. Very fun.

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