"Pugs were bred as Tibetan Temple dogs, you need at least one," He said.

April 7, 2004

NASCAR star Jeremy Mayfield and his wife, Shana, stopped by our house the other night. They had the cutest little pug puppy with them, and they wanted us to think about adopting him.

The puppy was all black. They chose that one for us because Jeremy was concerned about the amount they shed and the texture of their hair – it apparently finds a way to stick to everything and sort of weave itself in – and he knew we wear a lot of black so this seemed like a good choice to him. It seemed like a good choice to me, too. He was the sweetest puppy and I fell in love.

Then Jeremy told me a lot about pugs and the great work of the Pug Rescue of North Carolina. Then we all had tea. It was truly one of the strangest dreams I’ve had in a long, long time.

We don’t know Jeremy Mayfield. We don’t know anyone in NASCAR. My family races motorcycles. And I am a major Bobby fan, so this dream really makes no sense whatsoever. And Boris is still my favorite pug, even if we’ve only snorted at each other on the phone and never met in person.

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