Friday Five: FishInnards Edition

December 12, 2008

Today is Husband’s birthday so I thought I’d do a special FishInnards Friday Five edition.

Husband’s website is fishinnards because once upon a time he asked me to register a name for him and I asked him what name he wanted and he said, “Surprise me.” I didn’t think of it entirely on my own, however, I was inspired by this truly horrendous smelling fish innards curry he made on morning to take to the monks at the Thai Temple. Despite the fish innard curry, he’s a very good cook, which is good because I’m not.

Hey – here’s his blog post with the recipe. I just read his notes at the top of the recipe and had a laugh, Husband is the master of understatement: “It kinda stank up the house in a weird way.” Um, yeah.

You will note the recipe doesn’t contain either the imaginary ingredient “curry” nor the yucky grocery store concoction known as “curry powder.” If you ever want to see Husband turn several shades of purple, pretend that there’s one common ingredient in all of the curries of the world (there isn’t) and that you don’t like it. For advanced fun, tell him all curries taste the same. Then you should prepare to sit a spell, because you’re in for a very long lecture.

When Husband isn’t feeding me in the manner I’ve become accustomed (read: no fishinnard-based food stuffs), he makes music with his current band, Astroknotics. We’re supposed to be recording a project of our own, but we haven’t even started it, so I won’t link to that because it doesn’t exist yet except in my head, but you really don’t want to go rooting around in there.

He also produces the Indiefeed Dance channel, which itunes put on their “best of 2008” list for audio podcasts, so it must be good!

He’s also DJ to the beautiful people, and he shares his schedule and also the occasional mix with the rest of us via his myspace.

This is a really boring post, isn’t it? I was going to list some of the other things he’s really good at, but this being a family-friendly website, I won’t. Wait, it’s not family friendly at all. Ah well, that’s none of your business, anyway.

Have a nice weekend, kids!

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