In the event you thought our "wedding announcement" was fictional

August 4, 2008

It has come to my attention that some of you folks think the stories on this blog are made up, or at least exaggerated for comic effect. Hell no, boys and girls. A recent case in my point was our recently resurrected wedding announcement.

Here’s an article from the Baltimore City Paper, “Southern Culture Hits the Skids: Rednecks, White Panties, and Blue Ribbon Beer at Sleazefest ‘99” that will just have to serve as our eye-witness.

This makes for a suffocating abundance of bands. Each band, naturally enough, wants to stand out from the rest, and to enjoy itself. It’s where these two goals converge that the nudity and explosives—the spirit of Sleazefest—come in.

Just go read the whole article for yourself. Go on now. Git!

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