From Zombie Prom – Rebecca and Sherill

by meanlouise July 3, 2009 artomatic

From Zombie Prom – Rebecca and Sherill, originally uploaded by spiggycat. I think this is my favorite pic of Sherill and I at Zombie Prom. I’m so glad I asked Spiggycat to snap our picture, she’s a genius with portraiture. That dress weighs over 5 pounds, now I remember why I never wear it – […]

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I'm going to leverage my deliverables in the 2.0 space after I create an immersive podcast experience. dot.com.

by meanlouise March 17, 2009 true life 2009

At the airport blogging by blackberry. For me, this is generally a recipe for disaster so this is more of a placeholder than anything else. Not posting daily this weeks means my daily unique visitors have fallen around 200 and if there’s one thing I’ve learned this week at sxsw it’s that your self-esteem is […]

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by meanlouise March 14, 2009 true life 2009

Today I got to meet the evil geniuses behind Lost Zombies. I was afraid my infected sticker was going to get caught in my scarf and fall off so I moved it to my notebook: Since I’m zombified, does that get me off the hook vis-a-vis lucid conference coverage? No? Darn. Well, tomorrow I’m going […]

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"Simon Pegg argues for a return to traditional zombie values"

by meanlouise November 6, 2008 movies

The BBC recently ran a 5-part horror/comedy-type series about Zombies called “Dead Set.” The series has been well-received and also go lots of critical acclaim. I haven’t seen it, but I still enjoyed the piece Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) penned for the Guardian regarding the fact that the “Dead Set” zombies can run: […]

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Someone replaced my brain with Folger's Crystals. Will anyone notice?

by meanlouise September 11, 2008 true life 2008

I’m so tired I’m starting to suspect I’m being turned into a zombie. Can you prove it couldn’t happen?

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What’s a girl to do?

by meanlouise November 5, 2007 television

Don’t you hate it when you start out writing a nice story about squirrels spreading some sort of viral zombie disease among a bunch of artists and you end up writing about terrorists wrecking a wedding? Eh, there could still be zombies. And, as Husband has suggested, maybe the only way to kill the genetically […]

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No snakes on this plane

by meanlouise March 3, 2006 horror & scifi

I love Nathan Fillion lots and lots, so it was making me sad that basically the chances of getting me to his new movie, slither, fell somewhere on the chart between slim and none. I love flying almost as much as I love snakes, so the idea of a movie about a planeful of snakes…and […]

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