I rediscovered a writer I haven’t read in ages, Jett Superior. I didn’t intentionally quit reading her, I probably had her bookmarked on my old computer instead of someplace more sensible.

I don’t remember her URL being AlphabetJunkie back then, so maybe it’s her fault I lost her bookmark. I choose to believe that, because I can.

At any rate, It’s simple, dummy: Nurse your baby on a bus and you’ll be happy” is a post that contains a delightful video I had to share because it’s just so…so…

I don’t know exactly what it is, to be honest, because I’m hypnotized by Jack LaLanne’s jumpsuit. If I hadn’t sworn off the word “awesome” and promised to go to linguistic rehab I’d proclaim that jumpsuit AWESOME.

But I can’t, so I won’t.

I can quit any time.

Anyway, here’s the video:

I’m just so happy to have found Jett Superior again, I think I posted a lot of links to her over the years that this blog was at punkprincess.com.

Worded that way, it sounds creepy.

Do you think that the delicious chemicals that combine to make pink lemonade crystal lite could be impacting my neuronal signaling molecules? I drank a lot of the stuff today and I think some sort of neuropeptide degradation is causing the functional inactivation of my nervous system.

Or maybe I’m just tired.

I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now. I watched a lot of TJ Hooker today.

Pearl is a deceased squirrel who channels prophesies and advice through her (former) human caretaker. Pearl has an extensive website that features more than just her caretaker demonstrating the proper way to give an opossum a pedicure, but it’s the pedicure video that originally caught my attention, so that’s what you get today.

“The most entertaining opossum pedicure tutorial you will watch today, guaranteed.”

After you watch this video, you will feel saner, guaranteed.

Via Husband via The Daily What.

Delilah the Pug meets Peanut the Kitten.

Before you leave a snarky comment: yes, I know that kitten claws are dangerous to prominent pug eyes. Not my dog. Not my kitten. No one got hurt, so just enjoy the Xtreme Cuteness and chill out.

The worst thing about the new Marmaduke movie will no doubt be the legions of people who run out and get a Great Dane puppy without understanding what’s involved in caring for a big dog. You shouldn’t get a dog at all unless you can take care of it, but you should watch this very funny video of a gorgeous blue Great Dane:

Husband just sent me this & I can’t decide which part is more awesome, the hair or the Exorcist-inspired breathing technique:

edited to add: Just hours after we watched this and I posted it, we went to yoga. I’ll be damned if the teacher didn’t say, “you can use lion breathing here…” which I’d never heard of so I snickered at the coincidence, then she added, “just stick your tongue out and pant.” I nearly fell over, and I don’t mean that as a cute expression, I mean that I nearly fell over.

This is truly fantastic. Husband showed it to me yesterday before our internets imploded again, but now I’ve forgotten where he found it. Joshua Allen Harris’s inflatable monsters:

Oh hai, maybe he got it here. (I just edited that post to correct the link, but you can also just skip the old post, which contains no new info and instead go to Wooster Collective for more of his videos).

I need to buy new kitchen appliances today. I picked them out a long time ago, I just need to do that unpleasant part where you give away your money. So, instead of procuring a working oven I’m watching stupid things on the Internets that make me laugh. Things like this commercial for Brawndo, the energy drink from Mike Judge’s otherwise problematic film Idiocracy:

I am not a responsible adult.

(Link via Pixels and Thoughts).

Incidentally, I’m not endorsing actually consuming Brawndo, even if they were serving it at BaconCamp last week. I just think the campaign is funny.