Paranormal State

by meanlouise October 12, 2010 academia

Most self-respecting Universities had quietly eliminated their Parapsychology departments long before I was even born. Penn State has no self-respect, apparently. They not only had sanctioned student club called the “paranormal research society” in the last decade, but they let these students use the Penn State name in a reality series called Paranormal State. The […]

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"Doctors in Britain Confess to Making up Musical Condition 'Cello Scrotum' As a Joke"

by meanlouise January 28, 2009 medicine

On Tuesday, doctors announced that a condition cited in medical journals for 34 years was actually just a hoax. The bogus condition, called “cello scrotum,” was described as raw and swollen loins of men who play their cellos a tad too long, or too vigorously. The malady has been cited in several papers discussing other […]

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the ultimate blonde joke

by meanlouise October 2, 2002 cyberculture

(post is part of the corrupted archives restoration & may includes old comments as text at the bottom) __________ Extinction of Blondes Vastly Overreported: Media Fail to Check Root of ‘Study’ [link dead, was a Washington Post article] I think this is my favorite part of the article: “Future generations will never need to wonder […]

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