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October 20, 2002

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Last night we headed over to Politics and Prose for the Found Magazine event.

On the way to the store we passed by work. Watching people in tuxes and sparkly dresses making their way to campus I joked to Husband that we were missing the Alumni weekend hooha. That’s when it hit me.

Tonight is my 10 year college reunion.

So we continued over to to Politics and Prose, but now I was sort of twitchy and freaked out. As soon as we got there, Davy, the king of Found, handed me a found photo album and I got sucked into the surreal experience of looking at a photo album full of pictures from a year in the life of total strangers. Lots and lots of 80s hair.

Davy is as much fun as his magazine, and gave wonderful dramatic readings of found notes both funny and sad.

Truly, you haven’t lived until you’ve been in a room full of people chanting wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle on the flo’.* If you haven’t heard the Ypsilante All-stars on the Found site (or at our house) you must scurry on over, listen to the samples, and buy the CD.

Check the schedule while you’re at the Found site and if they’re going to be in your town you simply must go. It’s truly a good time. I promise you. And while you’re at the site, subscribe to Found. You won’t regret it.

As an added bonus (as if laughing so hard I was crying wasn’t enough), I won a pack of People Cards and got myself a groovy Found sweatshirt, too. I’m just too cool for words, yes?

*note to NPR snobs: as heard on this American Life, so it’s okay, you can go listen.

ok. so let me ramble a bit about that whole reunion thing now…

Honestly, for a few minutes I regretted not going to the reunion. I think I’m in touch with most if not everyone I wish to be in touch with (and truth be told I didn’t actually graduate until ’94 so it’s slightly confusing). I think I wanted to go stare at it, kind of like a car wreck.
Husband and I were laughing about the usual reunion chatter, “Wow, look how much the place has changed since we left.” What would we say? We’re there every day. “Wow, look how much the place has changed since we left….yesterday.”

While I was twitching about this whole reunion thing we continued on our merry way. We happened to drive past the Albemarle house, the site of many many parties way back when.

Except it was gone.

Somebody stole the Albemarle house. According to the sign it’s being replaced with swanky condos. The house was probably about to collapse anyway, but it was odd that I was oblivious to the destruction of that whole block.

I think I could have handled the realization about the reunion or the destruction of that house, but both at once? Eek. (I realize that this house thing probably makes zero sense to anyone reading except Greg, but just trust me – it was a disconcerting sight).

Tearing that house down may have had nothing to do with greed or development. It might simply have been the last resort, the only way to stop the steady influx of deadheads and phish-followers and other assorted free spirits who’d been passing along the address on the road for years as a place to crash. Hope one of those million dollar condos doesn’t get assigned the same house number…

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Whoa Nellie. I graduated from GW in 93. I remember the Albemarle house. It has to be the same since I remember the other households in that area as being a bit stodgy. I was totally crushed on a guy named Jeff who lived there. Does that ring any bells? I hadn’t thought about those parties in years. They tore it down? That sucks. I’d like to be there when the first Heads knock on the door looking for a place to crash. The people who move in there are going to need some form of anti-hippie deterent system. Now I have to click that link and see if I know Greg I guess.

Posted by: Liz at October 20, 2002 12:09 PM
Got your email Liz. Made me laugh. I wrote you back so I won’t blather here.

I’m laughing at what a hippie deterent system might look like.

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Old jokes…
Q: How do you know when deadheads have been staying with you?
A: They’re still there.

Q: Where do you hide things from deadheads?
A: Under the soap

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Hey, what’s wrong with tuning into WAMU?

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