Downton Abbey + new ways to terrorize Guam

by meanlouise February 22, 2013 pop culture

The drafts keep piling up, as every post I’ve written lately has tried to turn itself into a manifesto and I keep running out of time, patience, and/or energy. To tide you over, I’ll actually finish the post about Downton Abbey. I don’t get it. I absolutely do not get the appeal of this show. […]

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Problem snake management

by meanlouise September 24, 2002 wild kingdom

I’ve been obsessed with this for over a decade and you’ve all laughed at me. At last, someone at CNN finds it as sad as I do. Or maybe they’re going for the tabloid-esque ick factor of a story about snakes in the toilet. Do you mind if I at least pretend that they care? […]

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