I wasn’t going to post this because I figured everyone in the Free World had seen it, but we just went to a rather crowded gallery opening where it seemed that more had missed it than seen it, so just in case:

The king of Ireland. Priceless.

Free Press has launched Rate the Debates, which they’re describing as “a citizen-driven guide to better media coverage of the issues that matter most.” It’s an interesting experiment.

I’ve signed up, although this will interfere with my plan to turn the Vice-Presidential debate into a drinking game wherein one takes a drink every time Palin or Biden start an answer with the word “look.” It’s for the best, did you watch Biden’s last visit to Meet the Press? He said “look” so many times I couldn’t stop laughing. Not good, Joe, not good at all. (page 4 alone of the transcript has 11 looks!)

Husband sent me this gem from Something Awful: “Canceling Your Huckalerts Subscription.”

It’s hard to imagine a man less-suited to wear the mantle of President of the United States of America than Mike Huckabee. The long shot Republican Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor is an unrepentant hillbilly who brags about cooking squirrels in popcorn poppers. He and his unspeaking wife, who looks perpetually startled, have raised a family of extremely large sons known for their largeness and propensity for torturing stray dogs.

Naturally, I love Mike Huckabee, and when I learned an acquaintance of mine by the name of Jared was an honest-to-god Huckabee supporter I felt the need to prank him. This prank represents the culmination of more than two weeks of harassing instant messages in which I impersonated a fictional Huckabee campaign update service called “Huckalerts”. I sent him approximately 30 Huckalerts over the course of those two weeks and many were received without comment from Jared.

What follows is his final battle with Huckalerts.

I have laryngitis so laughing really hard resulted in my producing painful and strange wheezing squeaky noises while tears streamed down my face. It was worth it. It was even better than “It’s Raining McCain,” which I choose to believe is real.