Over at the LA Weekly, Elina Shatkin posts, “The Best Part of Waking Up is Rob Zombie in Your Coffee Cup.” (Available in an organic Peruvian blend and organic French Roast (origins unknown).

The post mostly updates a previous post about Darth Vader coffee.

We suspect that if Darth Vader were around to see the way his name has been shamelessly used to sell coffee to Empire drones, he’d Force choke the lovable nerds at ThinkGeek as quickly as he brought Admiral Motti to heel. But, like Jesus, a lot of things have been done in Vader’s name he probably wouldn’t be thrilled about. (Yes, the two are exactly alike — except one of them has George Lucas for a daddy.)

I had a joke all lined up about the scene in Beavis and Butthead Do America where Beavis and Butthead take caffeine pills and peyote and find themselves hallucinating a White Zombie video (“Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls”), but I was mistaken. Apparently the desert scene only involved peyote. The caffeine pills were later in the movie.

Still, it’s an entertaining scene and Zombie did do the artwork for the sequence and I did go to all the trouble of spending 2 minutes tracking it down on youtube so I’m embedding it anyway. Enjoy!

Staying here on the beach at 20th high school reunion. Blogging via blackberry too challenging for my uncaffeinated self this morning.

I haven’t seen so much as a picture of John McCain in 24 hours.I feel better already.

Where is junglepete with my coffee?

He’s going to insist he should be let off the hook because he’s been out risking his life in the fakahatchee, but damnit man, I need coffee! And wifi. And maybe a banana-nut muffin, as long as you’re out…

I’ve got the Sealab 2021 themesong sloshing around in my head. I haven’t been watching Sealab, I’ve been watching Buffy. I know that Buffy predates 2021, but the Buffy themesong makes me think of a late 80s hairmetal band cover of the 2021 theme. I know that the True Buffy Believers will bust me for claiming that a song that came first is a cover of a song that came later, so I want to know this: is the 2021 theme an update of the Sealab 2020 themesong from the 70s? Or should I just remember to skip over the title sequence and stop thinking about this? I could look this up, but I’m tired and lazy.

I was up until almost 4 a.m. and looking forward to sleeping in. Best laid plans and all. It would appear that my next door neighbors hired the world’s noisiest interior painters and they got started very, very early today. Very early.

Sometime before 8 I gave up on the idea of ever sleeping again. Looking on the bright side: by 10:30 I’d paid my bills, decided not to read the paper, consumed coffee, run errands, consumed coffee, ritualisticly buried an opossum, consumed coffee, taken a 3 mile walk with my neighbor, consumed coffee, practiced the drums, consumed coffee, planned Bunny’s basil garden and purchased the seedlings, consumed coffee, and churned out the first draft of a book review.

Now I’m drinking coffee, because I’m still not fully awake.