Clowning around

by meanlouise October 3, 2016 halloween

In the middle of writing a post about creepy clown sightings I found an excellent article on the subject at Rolling Stone, so I’m going to save some time and post that instead: ‘Killer Clowns’: Inside the Terrifying Hoax Sweeping America. As campus safety officials in Pennsylvania pointed out in their notice, the “creepy clown” […]

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naked clowns

by meanlouise September 26, 2008 art

We’re down with anything that raises funds to fight neurological autoimmune diseases, but this was enough to give even us pause: the San Francisco Clown Conservatory class of 2008 Naked Clown Calendar. [Via Mahalo’s Naked Clown Calendar page]

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Holy Crap!

by meanlouise October 8, 2001 seriously?

Clowns of America International

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