I'm really tired

February 28, 2008

I was going through my drafts file and deleting the ones that were either hopelessly outdated or abysmally written. I came upon this one, which is many months old, and asked myself, “What the hell was I talking about? What boots?”

I’ve lust in my heart, lust, for these boots. I’ve rerouted 2% of my neural pathways to accommodate my desire. This doesn’t have any impact on my overall functioning, I’ve temporarily borrowed from the 4% dedicated to the occasional dirty thought about [tag]Alan Rickman[/tag].

Then I clicked the link and said, “Those are nice looking.” I was about to bookmark the site when it occurred to me that those are the boots I’m wearing right now. And yes, I did have that conversation out loud. You got a problem with that?

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February 28, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

1) I too really like those boots.
2) I think I already own a pair like that, that I bought while shopping with Bunny a year ago.
3) Possibly the same color.
4) But I’m not sure where they are.
5) Also I’m totally confused why this is tagged with Alan Rickman, but since I’m a huge fan I’m mostly just intrigued and not angstful.
6) Angstful is a fun word.
7) And lists are fun!

February 29, 2008 @ 10:32 pm

That’s FUNNY! And I mean that in a good way. :)

March 3, 2008 @ 12:01 pm

I wish I could wear knee-high boots. My leg is too deformed to fit into them now. Plus it hurts. Boo me. Yay you.

March 5, 2008 @ 2:07 pm

Clearly, we’re gettin’ old.
I very nearly bought the boots I had *just taken off*, last night [I bought threeotherpairs, instead, as consolation prizes for driving the husband to/from the airport so he can go to SxSW without me.].

Speaking of: Happy almost your birthday!
I’m sending coyotes, to ensure your day is free of sassy squirrel shenanigans.