Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


As I was walking back from my local farmer’s market this morning, drivers kept honking and waving. Pedestrians and cyclists were also happy to see me, it seemed.

I was thinking, “Wow, the neighborhood is super-extra-friendly today!”

It was only when I was close to home and a woman waiting to cross at the light accused me of being a muslim-loving Holocaust denier that I realized my neighborhood probably wasn’t effusively excited about my fab cherry tomato haul. They’re pretty great tomatoes, but I suspect it’s the large Obama yard sign I was carting home that was catching their attention. I’m not the sharpest cheddar in the cheesebox before I’ve had all of my morning coffee.

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  • Hey – you appealed to two groups – the ones who love Obama, and ones that thought you were hauling the tomatoes to throw AT the sign at some protest. Either way, honk-honk!