Bellatrix Lestrange

People tell me I look like Helena Bonham Carter.

That would be well and fine, I suppose, but then they clarify that they mean Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. So what they really seem to be saying is that I remind them of an insane serial killer, which makes me want to lean forward and hiss at them, “Well then maybe you shouldn’t be annoying me,” possibly while waving a pen as a wand and hissing curses.

Nodding and smiling is a more practical plan.

One of the women in the locker room yesterday was leaning more towards “Fight Club Helena,” as she kept calling her, but the others out-voted her. Fight Club Helena?

At least no one was voting for “Planet of the Apes Helena,” right? Then they clarified that I’m “the small version.” I didn’t know what that meant ’til I looked it up. Helena Bonham Carter appears to be carrying Rosemary’s baby. She is hugely pregnant. Makes much more sense now.

On a related note, I finally saw my doppleganger in the neighborhood. I’ve met all kinds of people lately who walk up and start yapping at me only to realize I’m not who I thought. I could actually see enough of a resemblance to make it vaguely odd but nothing spooky or that would be fun at parties. I do have an identical cousin living in San Francisco (though neither of us has any special feelings for hot dogs.)

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  • Um, ya sort of do look like those photos at the bottom there. Just not as angry. Mostly.

  • rebecca

    I may have looked that angry when I was on the phone with the insurance company, actually. ha.

  • “Hugely pregnant.”

    Humph. At this time of year wouldn’t “great with child” be better terminology?

  • Jenny Decker

    Hi Rebecca,

    I ran across your blog comment this morning about being told you look like Helena Bonham Carter, and looked at the pics on your website and NaNoWriMo to document this.

    I have to say that Madame HBC–who unfortunately was born with no neck–would be thrilled to have your long one instead, and to be told she looked like YOU, lol. Personally, I would have said from the photo that you looked like Sigourney Weaver when she was much younger, and this is definitely a complement.

    Haven’t seen your lookalike cousin here in San Francisco, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I migrated here from Atlanta, so I notice when other people are from there as well. Where did you go to school?

    BTW I read your prize winning novel excerpt on NanoWriMo, which is brilliant. Pulled out my hanky to sob over the graphically delightful death of Mary V-O, and am waiting breathlessly for more details of the hand grenade(s);-)

  • rebecca

    Linkmeister: Oh, you people and your facility with language and eye for nuance. :-)

  • rebecca

    Jenny: Thanks for the compliments on the novel! :-)

    I’m from sw Florida. When I was a kid we thought of trips to Atlanta as going “North.”

    Your is so utterly hilarious because I have actually been harassed by sigourney weaver fans who think I’m her sister (she has no sister, she has a brother – I’ve had to learn much about her in self-defense. ha). When the HBC stuff started I joked that it was a nice change of pace from the Janeane Garofalo and Sigourney Weaver questions.

  • Me? Facile with language? Then why is my blog rated at “Junior high” level?

  • rebecca

    That’s a bizarre site. I wonder what the formula is for their ratings? It probably explains it on the site but I’m lazy today. Have to remember to look another time. I find your “rating” really strange. This blog rated at a college level, but antomatic – which is full of science jargon, came out at the high school level.

  • You look more like Janine in that NaNo photo. What award did you win?? What’s that about?

  • rebecca

    I won an all-expense paid trip around the room.

    I finished my national novel writing month novel in time, so I am a winner.

    I used to watch after school specials when I was a kid, so I know in reality we’re alllll winners.

  • Jenny Decker

    Lol, Rebecca; SW Florida is where my kin migrated TO, now living in Punta Gorda.

    I had looked through a number of your past blog entries before posting my first comment, and I had to go back through them to figure how I got the mistaken impression you came from Atlanta, which I’m pretty sure was because you said you’d gone to school with Gale Harold who is my fellow Atlantean/Decaturan.

    I also saw the note that you had finished your novel, and I’m serious about wanting to read it. Is there a link where we can download the whole thing?


  • rebecca

    Ah ha! Gale Harold went to the same college I did and was on the soccer team, which I worked for.

    Soon, I will try to make at least some of the novel available. I just posted an update about it, actually.