You'd think I'd have mastered that whole reading comprehension thing, but baby you'd be wrong.

November 28, 2001

Every once in a while a friend yanks something off the

Topics Blog and won’t

let us rest until we write something about it. I’ll give

you the question he sent out and my answer. I think you

can figure out where the problem occurred…

The Question:A lot of people have a love-hate

relationship to snow. What about you?
My answer: I’m going to make this a quickie

because I don’t generally have any strong feelings

either way. Not to mention the fact that these things

kind of annoy me. Here’s my answer so you can quit

bitching about how I never play nice. Love? Hate? Those

are strong words. I didn’t get a single cold between

1985 and 1999. I’d forgotten what I was missing. The

thing I hate most about a cold is the way one’s body

becomes a giant mucous-producing factory. I can cope

with a lot of things, but a runny nose isn’t one of

them. I hate having a runny nose. I can deal with

sneezing, so I guess it’s not the mucous I hate per se;

but the way that it chooses to exit the body. Snot is

useful, though. I can’t say this is a reason to

love it, but it’s pretty miserable when your

sinuses get really dried out so I’d say it does have a

useful purpose that one should at least appreciate. I

can’t say I can push it far enough to say you should

love it for that reason alone. I’m sorry, but

this is an incredibly stupid question and I honestly

just don’t have anymore to say about it.

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