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If you’re a blogger, I bet your most popular post is the magical tale of the day you gave birth to your beautiful children. Or the lyrical paragraphs and heart-breakingly beautiful prose about the day that your future spouse sent Placido Domingo to your office to wish you happy birthday. Or maybe it’s the recipe for your great-grandmother’s traditional Arbor Day cake, which you’ve lovingly reconstructed with the help of your ancient relatives, who clung to their deathbeds waiting for that last bite that would determine if you’d finally figured out the right amount of vanilla (but only vanilla harvested by virgins and processed at 3 meters above sea level on the second night of the full moon in May).

Not mine. This is my most popular post of all-time.

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  • Fortunately this is mine. – 1000 hits a year.

    • meanlouise

      Pete – thanks for reminding me the link in the other post is broken. I replaced it with the text of the original article, which I should have done in the first place.

  • This is mine:

    What’s funny is the fact that I actually hated that sweater and was just trying to convine myself I liked it. It was frogged less than a week after that post (and I now think it’s one of the most horrible patterns ever).

    • meanlouise

      I had a terrible time with that pattern! Everytime someone says, “I have some worsted to use up, maybe I’ll make a february lady sweater,” I cringe a little bit.