Safety Dance

Yesterday I had two songs in rotation in my brain, Men Without Hats “Safety Dance” (a song of such insidious evil I won’t even post the lyrics) and “Come on Eileen” (but not the original Dexey’s Midnight Runners’ version, the Save Ferris cover, go figure).

Matt, who promised to stop monitoring my brainwaves, clearly hasn’t kept that promise. In the space of about 45 seconds yesterday he quoted lyrics from both songs out of the blue. Or so he would have me think.

At any rate, this reminded me of an album of covers of “Safety Dance” that I swear Rob from Eggs was producing about 7 years ago for Teen Beat. Does anyone have any idea what I’m talking about here? If you do, leave info in the comments. Does it exist? Have you heard it? Have I lost my mind? I didn’t turn up anything last night when I was searching, but I was also exhausted. I’ll have to try again when I have more time. Or I could, you know, pick up the phone and call and ask. That would require effort though.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Now, this should be required reading for my students. The Daily Adventures of Mixerman – A Documentary

I would laugh if I could stop crying. Or cry if I could stop laughing. One or the other, possibly both.

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