Life on Wisteria Lane

by meanlouise on October 27, 2007

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We have neighbors who have an annual Halloween party, to which we are expressly not invited (we do invite them to all of our parties). It’s a fascinating display of arrested development.

Last year the wife walked up to a group of us standing outside gabbing and gave out invitations to everyone. Except me. And then talked to everyone except me about how “everyone is invited.” Truly sad. I can’t comprehend using up so much energy that way. Eh. She’s truly vicious about other neighbors (her apologists, no less) behind their backs. At least I know where I stand. It would be amusing to just show up, but I won’t. At least one of us has manners. Besides, we have tickets to [tag]Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D[/tag].

At first blush, this would seem like the kind of thing One Shouldn’t Blog, and you’d be sort of right, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s such open and blatant behavior that it’s apparent she’s begging for attention, so it seems unfortunate to give any. On the other hand, it’s so very pathological and I must admit I find it quite fascinating. I have to admit I give the “friendly neighbor” wave sometimes, knowing the husband will wave back while the wife works so very very hard to pretend she doesn’t see me. Standing 10 yards away. Wouldn’t it be easier just to wave back and keep walking?