Husband's childhood friend makes, uh, good

One of Husband’s old friends has a band that performs live covers. They don’t just perform live covers, they perform them while listening to the originals and playing along (instead of, presumably, listening to each other). Sometimes they play along to the video. Husband showed me some of their videos of [tag]YouTube[/tag] last night. I laughed so hard at their performance of [tag]Journey[/tag]’s “Anyway You Want It” that I got the hiccups.

I give you…[tag]The Legion of Rockstars[/tag]:

(I embedded a new video because the one originally embedded in this post is no longer available as of january 26,2009)

I haven’t watched all of their videos, but their performance of [tag]Van Halen[/tag]’s “Jump” is also very, very funny. Maybe even funnier than Journey. Stick with it to the guitar and keyboard “solos” at the end. That’s quality.

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  • Man, it’s bad enough that I have to listen to my own self sing.