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Perfect weather and perfect company made for a perfect day at Dinosaurland.

Husband, Beth B and I piled into the car and journeyed to Winchester, Virginia for a day of eating, wandering, and gigantic fiberglass dinosaurs.


We saw an Epic Battle.

Epic Battle

Beth and Husband were devoured by a giant prehistoric shark:


We saw a giant octopus of doom.


And, of course, we saw King Kong.


After we left Dinosaurland, we took a quick trip through West Virginia on our way to Frederick, Maryland for coffee, more eating, a little thrifting, and the requisite wackiness that ensues when a pair of hot chicks such as Beth and I walk into a comic book shop.


Then, we returned to Alexandria, Virginia, where we ate some more, since none of us had consumed any pork products in hours.


I loaded the rest of the photos into a set on flickr, if you want to see more.

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