Every day is Halloween in our house, but since it’s October 1st I’ll define today as the “official” start of the Halloween season.

Every year I try to stick to an overall theme in my October entertainment blogging. I was very excited about the theme I chose this year: ghosts, hauntings, and other things that go bump in the night.

I was momentarily disappointed when I remembered that I also chose ghosts and haunted houses as my 2009 Halloween theme. Then I double-checked and saw that I was too busy to keep up with the theme last year.

    It’s okay either way, for the following reasons:
    a) this is my blog and I rule it with an iron fist
    b) “a” doesn’t apply to me, only you
    c) the amount of stuff I added to my netflix queue would take a lifetime to watch, so I’m sure I could do this theme every year and never repeat myself
    d) I repeat myself all the time because I’m becoming my mother, so “c” is pretty much irrelevant
    e) I’m forgetful, see also: “d”
    f) I almost never stick to my theme anyway
    g) this justifies all the time I’ve spent watching Scooby Doo over the last few weeks
    h) I think “h” was going to be a punchline relating to “a” and “b” but I’ll be damned if I can remember where this was headed
    i) see also, “e”

So there you have it. And if you have it, you should get it treated right away before it spreads.

Please clap.

2 Thoughts on “Happy October!

  1. Awesome. :) Also, you should come down for our friday films this month: http://www.vmfa.museum/Calendar/?TaxID=2147483660. Next Friday is The Haunting, which would fit very nicely… I am forced to miss it because I’m working another event, however, I am definitely going to see Fearless Vampire Killers.

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