Destination Disneyworld

My Brother arrives today, as he got the weekend off from his supersecret project to create human-dinosaur hybrid supersoldiers. We’re going to see Alice tonight.

I think we’re supposed to get in the spirit of things and say, “Walt Disney Picture’s Alice in Wonderland, a Disney Digital Production by director Tim Burton.” I’m not awake enough for that level of corporate perkiness. I’m just going to say, “Alice” and growl at anyone who suggests I’m not being sufficiently perky. Nowhere on the passes does it state we have to be perky.

Disney is the happiest place on earth and all, so we’ll hit happy hour before the movie, of course. That’s what they mean, right? We can follow directions when we want to.

I’m excited to see the movie. I’m also excited because I don’t think anyone will be telling me I look like Helena Bonham Carter this time.


If they do, I have other things to worry about.

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