The Local Community Radio Act (H.R. 1147/S. 592)

Does Your Representative Support Local Radio?
BREAKING NEWS: Bipartisan legislation in Congress (H.R. 1147/S. 592) that promises to open the radio dial to thousands of new Low Power FM stations across the country is being debated in Congress on Thursday, October 8, 2009. The Local Community Radio Act would bring fresh music, local perspectives and community news to the public airwaves.

Join the thousands of people from across the country who are picking up their phones to contact Congress in support of this important bill.

Here’s the official summary of S. 592 from OpenCongress:

Official Summary

Local Community Radio Act of 2009 – Repeals provisions in the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2001 that required the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to:
(1) modify rules authorizing the operation of low-power FM radio stations to prescribe minimum distance separations for third-adjacent channels;
(2) prohibit applicants who have engaged in the unlicensed operation of any station from obtaining a low-power FM license; and
(3) conduct a program to test whether low-power FM radio stations will result in harmful interference to existing FM radio stations if minimum distance separations for third-adjacent channels are not required. Requires the FCC to modify its rules to eliminate third-adjacent minimum distance separation requirements between specified stations. Requires the FCC to retain rules that provide third-adjacent channel protection for full-power noncommercial FM stations that broadcast radio reading services via a subcarrier frequency from potential low-power FM station interference. Requires the FCC, when licensing FM translator stations, to ensure that:
(1) licenses are available to both FM translator stations and low-power FM stations; and
(2) such decisions are made based on the needs of the local community.

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