Artomatic + Keith Olbermann – a (non)Friday (non)Five

I was putting together this week’s Friday Five when I realized that I didn’t have five fun links bookmarked from the weeks surfing. Also, it’s no longer Friday. In lieu of that, here’s something that struck me as funny this week as I’ve been restoring my blog archives once and (knock on wood) for all.

I forgot that Artomatic made an appearance on Countdown in 2004! In the Oddball segment, of course.

My first vaguely obsessive post about Countdown with Keith Olbermann was in April 2003, but the funniest (Olbermann-related post) is this one from July 2004 where I whine about why no one else seems to want to watch it with me:

In terms of Actual Serious news I think Countdown is the clear winner, although I’m still trying to find another person (besides Husband) who watches it. It’s not that they haven’t heard of it, they just dismiss Olbermann as a newscaster with no brains and no knowledge of politics and world affairs. Or, they scoff because of his tenure at FOX. I think it’s too bad, he can be pompous but it’s still a decent show. Guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

I thought it was funny, anyway. Not that my first post about the show was any kind of deep critique:

I can’t be the only one watching MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, can I? It’s a really good news show. And Olbermann is a snappy dresser. Hey, if we’re going to hold female news anchors to a certain standard it’s only fair to apply it to the men, right? Keith can rock the pinstripes. That’s a risky look on television, without some height it’s easy to end up looking like Lou Costello.

Hey, I still think he’s a snappy dresser…

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