Amidst all the hooha about curry being good for your brain, many articles, even in allegedly reputable sources such as webMD misidentified Curcuma Longa as “cumin” or “curry” rather than

I mention this because the rest of you are able to glance at such things and move on with your life. I live with a Food Anthropologist and this is the kind of thing that makes him INSANE.

He wandered around the house muttering under his breath about the yuckiness of so-called curry powder and could periodically be heard saying things like, “They want curry for their brains? I’ve got curry for their brains! I have recipes for brain curry! Lots of them!”

He’s promised to blog about it in great detail in the near future – the actual composition of various curries, not how to cook brains. I hope. You never know. Husband is a strange, strange boy.

Yeah, so, as you can see, the excitement here is non-stop.

Tune in Tomorrow, when I will babble about the 1st season of Lost in Space on DVD and the mysteries of the Debby the Monkey character.

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