everything old is…even older again. wait…

Recently I saw footage of the Gulf War Protests in Lafayette Park. No, not this Gulf War, the the first one. Deja vu all over again, as the joke goes.

I’m feeling kind of shallow today, so rather than pose tough questions about our oil-crazed foreign policy initiatives, I’m instead going to tell you what I’m really thinking as I watch our young earnest selves on this tape.

Why does Ian MacKaye look practically the same to me on both tapes when I look so much older in the tapes from the recent protests?

Gotta be the lighting.

Or maybe it’s just that I look very, very young on the ’91 tapes, not that I look old on the recent tapes. Sure. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

On a whim, I searched online for pictures from the 1991 protests and to my surprise found actual video (not the same video I saw, but that’s not the point). Check out Alan’s excellent demand media site to see that footage and more.

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