Voting Gifts

November 4, 2008

Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Ben and Jerry’s are three of the bigger names giving away treats today to voters. If you’re in New York or Seattle, you can also get a free sex toy:

If the Maverick rhetoric in the presidential campaigns is doing anything, we hope it’s motivating everyone to get out and vote. Which is why we’re giving away a real Maverick, absolutely FREE to all voters. All men, not just Joe Six Pack, love the Maverick sleeve ($20 value). He’s always there to lend a hand, he works for every man, and he bucks the status quo.
Wait, it gets better. We’ve got one more enticement. A free Silver Bullet ($15 value), because that’s what our country needs right now, a magical solution to difficult problems. Babeland’s most popular compact mini-vibe feels fantastic and is a great stress-reliever during these troubled economic times!

The promotion is good through November 11, details on the site. I think the link is safe for work, although the site probably isn’t worksafe in many offices.

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