damn, damn, damn

Last year I was obsessed with a pair of boots. They were $250 so I decided to wait until they went on sale. Then they were featured in Lucky as must-have boots. This means that they not only never went on sale last year, they became hard to find. Zappos, when they had them in stock, was more expensive than Nordstrom. It was ridiculous. Nevertheless, I bought the black suede ones when I had the chance. I’ve been lying in wait ever since, knowing eventually they’ll quit being hip and go on sale. Then I could buy the brown ones, because I have to say, they really are all that. I guess I’m going to have to keep waiting. I was just flipping through Self, and guess what’s in their spread on must-have items for Fall? Yup. Same damn boots. It’s okay, there are other boots in the sea. You don’t really want boots that have been floating around in the sea, but you know what I mean.

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