(addendum) ^ look up there! (not at the sky, at my blog header)

There was no addendum to the last post, I was having technical difficulties that were beyond your control.

My Spiritual Advisor has pointed out to me that, in the event I should ever need to have my factory-installed parts removed, I can ask for bionic ones. (He’s also looking for someone who’d like to give his newly designed Neon Spleen a try, should you know anyone who’s interested).

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  • Hope everything goes well. Thinking of you.

  • rebecca

    Thanks Cyd, Been thinking about you.

    No more medical mayhem til tomorrow so I actually get to go to my stitch and bitch if I get moving….See you at CPaG later tonight I hope at least to say hi :-)

  • rebecca

    Argh. this post is being bombarded with pharmaceutical spam, gotta close the comments