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Bermuda Tentacles

by meanlouise June 18, 2014 horror & scifi

Like all battleships that venture into the Bermuda triangle looking for the President of the United States, the heroes of Bermuda Tentacles have a worm scientist on board. This is useful when the convoy of ships are beset by giant worms reaching out of the water to menace them. I’m making it sound an awful […]

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Flying Monkeys

by meanlouise March 10, 2013 monkeys (also: apes)

Flying Monkeys is one of those movies that compels the viewer to ask the eternal question, “Sure, why not?” It makes a fine double-feature with BloodMonkey, especially on the weekend that Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters. BloodMonkey is a 2007 classic in the “anthropology done (horribly and nonsensically wrong) on film” genre. It […]

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