The Collector Strikes

I turned my back for a few minutes today while I was doing some work on the otherwise lonely 12th floor early today. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t see anything, but when I walked back around the corner I nearly walked into this:

The mystery trunk

The trunk was locked and it was addressed to the Reliable Source at the Washington Post.


The note taped to the top reads:

“Leave this box on the 12th floor.

It is for Amy Argetsinger – she has been sent the key. Call her so she’ll know the box has been delivered.

The Collector”

I called Amy up. When I talked to her she hadn’t received the key yet but she said she was going to go check around. We’ve set a time to meet tomorrow and in the meantime I’ve put the trunk in a safe location.

The Collector, or someone claiming to be The Collector, recently contacted the Reliable Source and promised something would happen soon. Last year, the Collector demanded a ransom of $10,000 in Monopoly money for the return of one of Tim Tate’s pieces.

No one knows what The Collector is up to this year. No one even knows who The Collector really is. (Except, presumably, his faithful manservant, because, really, how could someone who calls themself The Collector, not have a manservant?) Is this even The Collector, or is it a copycat? And how will we know?

It’s been pointed out to me that I was the only one around when it was delivered and my fingerprints are all over it. I’m just going to point out, in my defense, that Paul Roe arrived on the scene about the same time I did. I don’t know what that proves, but it’s the best I’ve got.

Tune in again tomorrow to find out what’s in the box…

update: in case you missed it, the trunk was a poor imitation of a tired hoax, and to even describe it wouldn’t be worth the time. Frankly, we were all a bit embarrassed for the hoaxster.

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two of my paintings were ‘stolen’ from atromatic this year… small ones (priced at $20/each)… i make a living off the sale of my paintings, so it’s really not cool to take them. if they were taken by the collector, i don’t want the bogus publicity, just give me the paintings back so i can let people that want them have them, and yes, i’d like to press charges :)

Matt i’m going to call you later today about your paintings. That upsets me to hear. I take any report like this seriously. I’m very sorry this has happened.

The outcome of the great trunk-opening was boring and tedious. Not even worth the time to detail here. I’d say it was all flash and no bang, but our proximity to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives make such expressions poor turns of phrase.

the rewards of showing at artomatic greatly outweigh the risks. artomatic is my favorite venue, seriously… what a great opportunity we have here. it’s real d.i.y…. 80’s style.


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