April 28, 2013


Anyone who’s anyone knows that Brian Switek (aka @laelaps) is on Brontotour to promote his groovy new book, My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs.

Tomorrow, the Brontotour rolls into Politics and Prose, which is a mere mile from where my ass will be sitting in class unless we get out early. I’ve been laying the groundwork for this adventure, which in my burned-out end-of-the-semester insanity has come to be known as The Great Escape. My professor is extremely tired of hearing about the book, but is fairly amused at how it’s author inadvertently gave me the idea for my research proposal, so she might let me out early without a guilt. She made no guarantees.

So, if you’re like me and you might not make it to the the reading/signing/dramatic dinosaur battle re-enactments at Politics & Prose, you can always join the DCSciTweetup as it migrates to Jake’s American Grill (see the event info for more details and to do the polite thing and rsvp so they can adjust the reservation) where there will be drinking & slightly more dramatic dinosaur battle re-enactments.


I may have made up all that stuff about the dramatic dinosaur battle re-enactments, but wouldn’t that be fun? We’d need to be wearing homemade felt dinosaur costumes for it to be as adorable as it is in my imagination. I’ll get to work sewing those just as soon as I finish the final that’s due in the aforementioned class tomorrow night. Sure.

Maybe artologica is up for the challenge. It could be like Project Runway for nerds.

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