Delurking Day

I’m a perpetual meme-failure so I thought last week was Delurking Week and I’d missed my opportunity to berate you all for not introducing yourselves or otherwise making your readership known once in a while.

Plus, who am I to berate you about lurking since I’m often guilty of lurking on other people’s blogs instead of commenting?

But Laurie Writes says Rude Cactus says today is officially Delurking Day 2011.

Who am I to argue with the Rude Cactus?

Lurking is reading a blog but never commenting. You probably knew that since you, my faithful readers, are smart people. Most of you are even here voluntarily, although a few of you have indicated over the years that you’re required to read my blog as a condition of your parole.

So get on with it! Leave a comment and say “hi!” You can say other things, too, but if you’re stumped, start with “hi!”

(I grabbed the graphic at the top of the post from Rude Cactus)

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  • Hi.

    But I’m not exactly a lurker.

  • Twist my arm.


  • Reservoir Carl

    Ummm,…encouraging me is dangerous. I might
    write more Zombie Squirrel stories or something
    else I’d regret later. Hi, by the way.