it's all clear to me now…

July 24, 2002

and you thought I was crazy…
People keep sending me the Hello Kitty Psychological Test. I finally took it.

I am serious and very balanced and can always control my temper. You see, Hello Kitty thinks I’m sane.

Actually, weirdly enough, that’s a pretty accurate assessment. Does that mean all on-line tests are true? I find that troubling, since that would mean I’m also Drusilla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I lost the link to that one)

On a more serious note…

UCLA Radio will cease webcasting until August 26, 2002 as we assess the impact of a recent decision that set the structure for fees that webcasters – like UCLA Radio – must pay to play music over the internet. [more info at the ucla radio site]

Not sure what this is about? More info on the webcasting debacle can be found at some of these fine sites:

save internet radio, which includes a pretty good 90 second summary of the situation.
collegiate broadcasters, inc.
And last but not least, here’s the anti-DMCA website.

Nn a less serious note…
Matt exposes Jon Sullivan’s role in the vast cover-up of the existence of a surviving colony of Megatherium. [sadly, that link is dead and gone]

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