The Gin Greasy

Over at Wait wait, don’t blog me, Ian Chillag decided to experiment with the gin and mayo cocktail Tom Robbins mentioned on Wait wait, don’t tell me! this weekend.

There’s more to the post, including the backstory, but I just can’t resist a pull quote to highlight Ian’s conclusion:

Gin & mayonnaise don’t combine well, probably because God doesn’t want them to. So rather than a single disgusting sensation, the gin and mayonnaise battled for the title of Flavor I’d Most Regret Having In My Mouth. I had hoped even the small quantity of alcohol would provide enough impaired judgment to make the experience tolerable, but no.

I also want to point out, for people who don’t pay attention to these kinds of things, the tags for that post:

Tags: ian needs counseling, ian deserves a raise, bad ideas, mayonnaise, gin


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  • Well now your tweet makes more sense. But I think Tom Robbins said he whirled it in a blender first.

    Still – blerg.

  • rebecca

    The tweet and this post were actually unrelated – we were just trying to figure out what substance would approximate the greasy gloopy texture of that instant coffee after you added cream and this sprang to mind for me since I’d just blogged it. I have no intention of trying it :-)

  • Oh c’mon. Best Foods and Bombay!