scrapbooking chimps

This morning I got out of bed, talked to Dr. Birdcage on the phone, drank a cup of coffee, and then went back to bed.

I dreamt that I woke up and walked into my living room and George was sitting there checking his email. This didn’t seem weird in the dream. Tracy, Roger, Rania and a few other people (can’t remember who) were doing something in the kitchen, though I have no idea what. There was a lot of whispering. Before I could investigate, George told me “we” were done converting the new office and showed me that my basement had become this very swank artomatic office with a big worktable in the middle. There were 4 chimpanzees wearing artomatic t-shirts and khaki shorts. They were intently scrapbooking.

Then I looked out the window and there was a fullsize trampoline in the back yard and Patrick was jumping up and down on it while intoning, “You’re gonna get hurt.”

Then I woke up and decided to drink more coffee and never sleep again. Ever.

(I blame some of this on Pepe the Mailorder Monkey)

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