George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic, Dan Auerbach, and Lucinda Williams walk into a bar…

…just not on the same night.

I think we’ve spent more time at the 9:30 Club in the last few days than in all of last year, total. Mind you, I was abducted by aliens (or possibly artomatic) last year, so that’s all a blur and maybe doesn’t count.

Well, whatever. We’ve been supporting live music lately and we’ve seen a bunch of really good shows.

Friday night we caught George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. A pared down version of the band opened and then the full funk mob took the stage and played til the club threw on the house lights and threw everyone out.

As always, it was an outstanding show.

And, as always, I had nightmares about an old dude in a big diaper for days after.

Saturday night I dragged Husband to see Dan Auerbach. He enjoyed the show (whew). I figured he would, but I’m not sure he’s ever listened to the Black Keys and I knew he hadn’t listened to “Keep it Hid” – which was only released a couple of days ago. You should get “Keep it Hid”, by the way, it’s a really good album.

Auerbach played in Boston the next night and you can read the review here, it pretty much says what I would have said.

The opening band was Those Darlins, who were a very fun band out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They were followed by a quick set by Hacienda, who were also Auerbach’s very capable backing band.

Was this a trend this week?

Yes, yes it was. Tuesday night Lucinda Williams’ road band, Buick 6, was also her opening act. They’re quite good, plus they did an instrumental cover of Prince’s “Erotic City,” which is Husband’s favorite Prince song.

We met up with a group of friends, one of whom worships Lucinda Williams. I think Jean can die happy now because it was a good show and it sounded great and we didn’t have an obstructed view for even a moment.

There was a couple in front of us, but they stayed primly seated until the encore. Then they stood up and “danced.” They should probably have stayed seated, but I’m not one to judge. Much. It’s safe to say they really love the new album. Really really love the new album. A lot. I think “Real Love” must be “their song.”

Come to think of it, that’s probably a good thing – or at least a far better thing than having some of those early wristcuttin’ songs be your song, because I’m pretty sure that’s not the sign of a healthy relationship.

Although Williams posts her setlists on her website, the most recent shows aren’t up yet. Luckily, Dave of Sound off with Dave posted a setlist so I don’t have to try to reconstruct it. Oh, let’s face it, I wasn’t going to try, but since someone else did the work I can pretend.

People Talkin’
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Circles and X’s
Drunken Angel
Side of the Road
Everything Has Changed
Something About What Happens When We Talk
Over Time
Tears of Joy
Are You Down?
Real Love
Come On
Real Live Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings
Honey Bee

Angel (J Hendrix) – solo acoustic
Little Rock Star
Long Way to the Top (AC/DC)

Thanks, Dave!

Saturday night we encountered the Human Eclipse – moments before the show started Saturday, the tallest guy in the place wedged himself in front of me – causing my view of the stage to go from “perfect and unobstructed” to this:

The view from here

We were standing on the steps of the balcony – it was pretty much impossible for the suburban lumberjack to be unaware he was crowding in front of other people when they’re all standing on a ledge.

At least Kyle Bunyon parked his ox outside. Sheesh.

We had a phenomenal view of the stage for Lucinda Williams, thanks in part to the Kennedy Center crowd perched primly on the steps, clearly terrified to stand during the show. Friday night we also had a great view of the stage and of the crowd. (I really like watching the crowd, especially at a George Clinton Show). I think it’s safe to say that Husband and I were the only ones at both of those shows.

And now, because I shouldn’t be the only one who’s haunted:

(That’s from last month, but it’s the right image and, conveniently, the right club. Not my picture, I found it on flickr).

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