I’m not sure what this says about the human spirit, but it must say something

Last year we had a close call with a McDonald’s iced coffee while on a road trip. It was undrinkable, and that turned out to be okay.

Recently, while checking out coffeerama, Husband ran across a link to a review which can be summed up with the words explosive diarrhea. And that reviewer referenced many more reviews that had similar, um, outcomes.

And yet, people keep drinking the stuff. On purpose.

This post may be my favorite:

“I got sick the first two times, but I think I got used to it and I don’t notice it any more. The stuff is pretty much an intense laxative though… so make sure there is a restroom nearby. Seriously. Its difficult to explain the effect this will have on your body. Tastes amazing. Nice and cheap. McDonalds is the best restaurant ever. I limit myself to 1 per week though because its just so bad for you. But it sure tastes good.”
Posted by: Cory | March 28, 2008 at 12:39 PM

If you ever need to test a box of tasers or need someone to check periodically to see if the stove is still hot, Cory may well be your ideal candidate.

Dude, when things make us sick, it’s the body’s way of saying “stop drinking that” not “let’s keep doing this until we can endure the obviously unpleasant side effects.”

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  • More evidence that the species is devolving.
    It’s one thing to try something again after say – a year – knowing the outcome might have deleterious effects. (I’ll reference White Castle and the infamous Kentucky Incident) but to try again days after having what is regionally known as volcano colon? Senseless.

  • Oh gee, I hope I don’t get walloped here. I love McD’s iced coffee. I drank it all through my pregnancy and I only WISH it had the effects you describe. I mean, pregnancy gives you the exact opposite of explosive diarrhea, and I never found a cure for that particular problem, nor did the McD’s iced coffee have any influence.

    I am no longer pregnant and still drink the stuff without incident. Perhaps it’s the one-a-day rule that saves me. But I find the stuff tasty and delicious.

  • rebecca

    Why would you be walloped? We’re mocking the people who get sick and keep drinking the stuff and don’t even switch from the sugar-free kind (which I’ve been informed is no longer available in our market – only regular – haven’t verified it though).

  • Personally – and I’m going to release a study on this soon – I eat McDonalds at the first symptom of a cold. I eat 2 cheesburgers and the cold is cured. I swear this works and it’s the only time I eat McDonalds. I’m assuming it’s the anti-biotics in the grade-D beef that kills whatever is in my system.