Oh, Thom Browne

February 8, 2007

If I could link to it directly, I’d post a picture from Thom Browne’s NY Fashion Week runway show. It’s a picture of a guy in a suit with an ill-fitting jacket. I think he’s supposed to be an elf because he’s wearing a hat that hangs almost to his ankle and has a pompom on the end.

Since I can only link to the main page of a huge Washington Post photo gallery and you grow old & die trying to find the picture, let’s just move along….

Instead of hunting through all those photos, go watch the Sigur Ros scored video on Thom Browne’s website, wherein a bunch of guys who, from the looks on their faces, must be in deep despair over a particularly painful form of gastric distress.

They seem to be wandering the woods and catching fresh-water octopi because they have such bad hair they can no longer be seen in public. Then they bury their friend, who one assumes died of embarrassment when he realized he’d been captured on film wearing what he’s wearing whatever it is he’s wearing.

Or maybe his haircut killed him. It’s hard to tell. I bet they wish they had the other guy’s elf hat.

The original video link is dead. Here’s the youtube link:

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February 9, 2007 @ 11:56 pm

Priceless. I think you could die from a haircut like that. What was with the squid?